What Satan Doesn’t Want You To Know

What Satan doesn’t know is that his attacks can give us a clue into God’s plans for us.  Now don’t get me wrong…God is the director of my path. He is the one that makes my ways clear.  Satan cannot see the future. But he’s been around since the beginning of time and he has seen how God works.  He has seen God take a person who appears to be a nothing, and nobody, but is totally surrender to God causes the kingdom of darkness great trouble.

Here’s the clue:

When you start living for God and the plan for starts to unfold you might start seeing a pattern in the attacks.  Satan will send specific “wiles” to stop what he sees as the beginnings of his own defeat.

Are you sold out for God? Do you long for the plans of Jeremiah 29:11 for your life? Then look closely at the attacks of those fiery darts you have been battling.  They just might let you in on where God’s gifts and plans have you headed.  And even though you are taking some fiery darts you could find you are going in the right direction. The area where you are being attacked just might be the area where you are going to cause Satan the most damage.

Think about this:

… You are a generous businessman; you’re being attacked in your finances.  Perhaps the enemy can see that you will resource the church and God’s work, so he sends “wiles” (methods to deceive and destroy) your ability to do that.

… Or, you are gifted at relating with young people, so he sends someone your way to convince you don’t have time or the education for that.

… Or your marriage just isn’t clicking emotionally. He sends strife, offense and unforgiveness “fiery darts” to burn holes in your communication. If you aren’t communicating, you won’t pray together either. And he is always afraid of the power that comes from couples that are one in prayer. Trust me, this is a secret the enemy does not want to get out. That when praying couples, pray for their lives and their children, the power of Almighty God shows up on the scene.

Do this:

…. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the areas of

your life that are getting shot at.

…. Find “water” scriptures to extinguish those fiery darts

directed at your thoughts. (If you need help with this

let me know.)

… Defeat the enemy by speaking and believing the

scriptures you find in God’s Word.

… Have faith that God will make a way for His plan for

you.  He is the author and the finisher of it all.

What ya’ll think? Come on you can tell me!


What if I am crashing and burning?

4 Responses to “What Satan Doesn’t Want You To Know”

  1. Amy says:

    This is encouraging! Being attacked doesn’t mean I’m failing…it means I’m moving in the right direction!

  2. Barb says:

    Hey Sweet Girl – I love Nehemiah. He’s one of my heroes because he had a single purpose to rebuild the wall and he wouldn’t let anything or anybody deter him from his purpose. That’s focus. Satan tries to distract each of us from our spiritual purpose. He does that in such a way that he zeroes in on us individually and finds our personal weaknesses. We must know our weaknesses and ask God to build a hedge around us that Satan can’t penetrate. God is faithful and He is greater than all our enemies. That’s where our focus must be: On Him! Love you! Mom

  3. mona says:

    Your right Mom Barb…as always.. and for those of you reading this comment… that’s my spiritual mom Barb Leonard. Her blog is on my blog list. She is the best winner of souls I know and her wisdom rocks my little world sometimes. Ok… I can hear ya’ll laughing… yes I know like mother like daughter… I learned well. So who are you discipling?

  4. Darryl says:

    AWESOME!!! Life changing!!! I was moved to tears! Thank you, Lord!

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